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The Second Street Cathedral Invites All to Share Our Scripture Reading Program

Would you like to display the daily scripture readings on your own web page? All you need to do is to cut and paste the following line of code where you want them to appear:

This code will contact our server, calculate the readings for the current day, retrieve the verses from our scripture database, return them to your page and, finally, display them. It’s that easy!

Note: The code must be inserted “as is.” In other words, if you are using some kind of wysiwyg web-page generator, you must tell it that this is code, or html, so that no character conversion takes place. For example, if you are using Orthodox Web Solutions Site Manager, first add a section, then in the drop-down “type” menu select “Advanced - HTML Code” and then paste the line in.

The day headers are in <h2> tags, the citations are in <h3> tags, and the verses themselves are body text. You can enclose the code line in a custom <div> and use CSS to completely control their appearance.

Would you like to allow your visitors to look up scripture readings for a particular day, similar to our own readings page? We also provide a means for this. See our demo page for an example of how this can be accomplished. (Note that it uses the above code line for the default readings, and uses CSS to style all readings.) You can view the source code in your browser, or save the page and upload it to your own server, then build on it from there. This will require advanced knowledge of html forms and javascript.

If you have any problems with this code, feel free to email our web technician at paul@grandtier.com with a description of the problem and the url of the page that is trying to use our code, and he will look at it and try to get back to you with a solution.

The web technician would like to acknowledge the work of Aleksandr Andreev and Yuri Shardt of the Ponomar Project, which was the inspiration for the readings system. It is important to note that, although he learned much from studying their java code, the present system is an original creation for the new calendar written in php/mysql. Therefore, any and all errors are the sole responsibility of Paul Kachur, and in no way reflect on the very good work of Aleksandr Andreev and Yuri Shardt, nor on the teachings and mission of the Second Street Cathedral.

If you would like to inspect the source code of the algorithm that determines the daily scripture readings, it is available at:

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