Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection: Links of Interest
2nd Street Cathedral
59 East Second Street
(Between First & Second Avenue)
New York, NY 10003
212-677-4664 tvrfcndc@gmail.com

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Ancient Faith Radio

Orthodox Church in America: Main Page of the Orthodox Church in America with directories and new items.

Diocese of New York & New Jersey

Cathedral Kliros Yahoo group: For those who minister and serve, chant and sing on the kliros, serve in the sanctuary, or otherwise labor for the Glory of God at the Orthodox Church in America’s Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection of the City of New York.

Sergei Chapnin: "A Church of Empire. Why the Russian Church Chose to Bless Empire

Orthodox Order of Knights of Saint John,Grand Russian Priory Our Cathedral Dean is the Grand Chaplain of this philanthropic Order.

East Village Local Faith Communities, The Cathedral is a member of this local community interfaith effort.

An Explanation of the Divine Liturgy: Complete texts for the Divine Liturgy.

Bulgakov Handbook for Church Servers: A translation by Fr Eugene Tarris of the classic Nastolnaya Kniga published in Kharkov in 1900.

Directory of Orthodox Parishes Worldwide

First Visit to an Orthodox Church, Twelve Things I Wish I’d Known: Great to read before your first visit ...

Priest's Service Book: Vespers, Matins, Liturgy, Blessings, Prayers for Various Needs.

The Orthodox Church by Kallistos Ware: The full text of this seminal introductory book.


American Lung Association

Get help with Sexual Addiction

Get help with Alchohol and Substance Abuse

Get help with Alchohol and Substance Abuse

Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Senior Home Health Care

Senior Day Care

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CLICK HERE to Watch a 2005 New York Times 3 Minute Video: At Work with Father Christopher

Video: June 22, 2007 – Cathedral Hosts the Radonezh Children’s Art Exhibit: 40 beautiful art works made by orphaned children in Saratov, Russia were exhibited on June 22 in the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection from NYC. The exhibition was also a fundraising event. Children’s art was sold to raise money for supporting their art programs. Each painting was accompanied by a small label with the title of the work, name of child, its age and the orphanage it comes from. About 70 guests attended the exhibit. All proceeds from the sale of these works, which amounted to $3000, were donated to Project Radonezh, through the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, the financial umbrella organization of Project Radonezh in the USA.

Video: October 2006 – Concert by Jennifer Cross, Soprano: Selections from a recital by Jennifer Cross given at the Cathedral on October 29, 2006. From Richard Wright’s vainglory.com.

Video: September 2006 – The Cathedral Choir performs outdoor concert: Watch this video clip from our Street Festival on September 23, 2006. From Richard Wright at vainglory.com.

CLICK HERE to view a video of Fr. Christopher's Elevation to Archimandrite, June, 2011.

CLICK HERE to view a Video of Pentecost Sunday, 2011

Click for Video from the Paschal Vigil, 2011, Archdeacon Michael proclaims the Gospel from St John 1:1

Click for Video from the Paschal Vigil, 2011, Bishop Michael of New York reads the Paschal Sermon of St. John Chrysostom

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Saturday, December 2 5:30 pm Vigil Service

Sunday, December 3 9:00 am Hours & Divine Liturgy

Wednesday, December 6 St Nicholas, Wonderworker of Myra in Lycia 8:00 am Divine Liturgy

Saturday, December 9 Conception by St Anna of the All-Holy Theotokos 5:30 pm Vigil Service

Sunday, December 10 9:00 am Hours & Divine Liturgy

Wednesday, December 13 St Herman, Elder of Alaska 8:00 am Divine Liturgy

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The Cathedral is open one hour before service times. *Confessions are heard after divine services on Thursday and Saturday evenings, and until 9:20am on Sundays. *Memorial Prayers (panikhida) for the departed are offered on Saturdays at 5:15pm upon request made in advance. Contact: info@nycathedral.org

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