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Gallery of Photographs

10/01/17: Patronal Feast and Dedication of Mosiac Marquee

Our parish community gathered around our Archbishop Michael to joyfully celebrate the feast of the Protection of the Holy Virgin, and to bless the newly installed mosaic marquee. The sign was designed by Archimandrite Christopher and crafted by Melinni Brothers of Florence, Italy. Funds were provided by the family and friend of the lat Olga Sawchuk Dorochovich on the 4th anniversary of her repose, and the centennial anniversary of her birth. Memory eternal, to our Matriarch Olga. Her legacy is all around us.

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Late summer, early Autumn, 2016.

We await you with love.

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Multicultural Day/Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2015.

On Pentecost we celebrated the unity in diversity with is the 2nd Street Cathedral! A pot luck lunch of ethnic delicacies followed by a sharing of songs and dances from some of our various cultures. We ended the day in a huge circle dance (hora) of everyone present while singing. "This land is your land; this land is my land..." Everyone had a blast! Happy feast!

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Palm Sunday to Bright Monday -- some highlights.

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11/09/14: Unveiing a Portrait of Cathedral Archdeacon Michael Suvak

On November 9, 2014, full sized portrait (like these from the Tretyakov Gallery) of Archdeacon Michael Suvak by the portrait artist Fernando Martin Diez-Cabeza of the Diez Cabezas Gallery was unveiled.

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6/15/14 Seasons of Faith: A Playlet in Four Acts

Written, directed and starring the youth of our Church School. (9 pictures) This original short play follows five young friends who over a period of one year encounter life-threatening disasters, hurtful misunderstandings, and even doubt and unbelief, as they weather some severe storms together -- yet in the end find their joy, faith and friendship again on Pascha.

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Palm Sunday Celebration, 2014

A prayerful Liturgy in a full Cathedral, followed by Vespers of Palms, and a lovely festal lunch, featuring a a concert from the Immanuel School Choir of Reedley, CA. Our hearts filled with joy in anticipation of Holy Week and Pascha.

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4/5/14: Kids Music Day

A Day of Prayer and Music for Kids near the end of Great Lent!
Thanks to Davic Lucs, Simona Breazu, mark Bird and our staff parents... and our students!

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01/12/14: Visit of Sister Vassa (Larin) Updated: 01/20

Sister Vassa (Larin), Ph.D. of Vienna, Austria visited out Cathedral. She attended the Divine Liturgy, and following lunch offered a talk and led discussion on living our Christian lives in the city. She pointed out that early Christians lived in mostly urban areas, that God always meets us where we are, and as who we are, regardless where we may live or work, whether we are single, laity, clergy, monastics or married. It was an engaging and encouraging talk, and the discussions were informative and interesting.

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01/05/14: Great Feast of Theophany

Service of Great Blessing of Water celebrated after the Divine Liturgy and Vespers. In total we heard 18 scriptural readings from the Old and new Testaments relating to the Feast. Photos: Russell Palacio

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12/25/13: Feast of the Incarnation of our Lord and God and Savior, Jesus Christ

Hierarchal Divine Liturgy and Festive Trapeza!

These photos were taken from the Facebook pages of various parishioners.

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12/24/13: Christmas Eve: Holy Supper, Caroing and Festal Vigil

Christmas eve and day often leave Manhattan feeling rather desolate... an calming quiet pervades the usually hectic and noisy streets as many New Yorkers leave town to visit family back home, or vacation in warmer climates. Each year our Church community, those who do not travel, come together to joyfully celebrate the birth of Christ like a little family.

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YELKA! Christmas Pageant/Nativity Tableau, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013, Nativity Tableau and Visit from St. Nick. Thanks to Simona Breazu for the photos!

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12/19: Deck the halls and the Cathedral, Fa lala lala lala LA LA!

Tis the season to rejoice!

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Snapshots of some recent events: Sumer/Fall, 2013

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04/28/13: Visit to the NYC Cathedral of the President of Georgia, His Excellency Mikheil Saakashvili

The first visit of a head of a sovereign democratic state to the Cathedral took place here on Palm Sunday evening. An overflow crow of over 250 people filled the Cathedral's Metropolitan Theophilius Pashkovsky Auditorium for a Town Hall meeting with President Mikheil Saakashvili and members of the Georgian diaspora in New York.

Before addressing the assembly, the president was met in the temple by the Cathedral Dean, Archimandrite Christopher, and venerated small portion of the robe of the Holy Isapostle Nino, Enlightener of the Georgian people, enshrined in the Cathedral, which was brought to America by the last Exarch of Georgia, Metropolitan Platon (Rozhdesvensky) after the restoration of the autocephalous Georgian Patriarchate in 1917.

President Saakasjvili also viewed a newly painted icon of they Mystical Supper, blessed earlier in the day by His Grace, Bishop Michael of New York/Diocese of New York and New Jersey, which was painted in the Cathedral's Dining Room (trapeza). It is a replica of an icon from one of Georgia's most ancient monasteries, and was painted by parishioner George Gogolashvili and other members of the Cathedral, and enshrined in a dais designed and built by parishioner Zurab Mosashvili.

It was a joy and honor for us to host this event.

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At every Liturgy, in the Prayer Before the Ambo, we pray, "O Lord preserve the fulness of thy Church, sanctify those who love the beauty of Thy house, glorify them in return by Thy divine power" It was that love that brought together a group of people here this week to clean the cathedral. Look around you (and below at the floor) to see the fruit of their labors. We acknowledge the following people who spent time and effort cleaning, polishing, and enhancing the beauty of the temple:

Archdeacon Michael, Subdeacon Cristian Ganfalean,
Petruta Ganfalean, Levan Kiknadze,
George Luarsabishvili, Sherry Powell Luarsabishvili,
Nato Kiknadze, Thomas Kitson, Rati Pruidze,
Thomas Downey, Anna Souvarov, Anthony Donovan,
Nana Gonchitashvili Zepptteli, Charles Webb,
Simona Breazu and Kallinka Glavev.

We will have another day of cleaning on Monday, April 22.

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Sunday, March 24 - Feast of Orthodoxy

Various pictures from the Liturgy and Icon Procession.

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Various Pictures of Events from June - October, 2012

(Photo Credit: Ganfalean)

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06.17.12: All Saints of America, Ordination of Priest David Chandler Poling

Ordination of Deacon David Poling to the holy Priesthood
Elevation of Deacon Patrick Baumgarth to Protodeacon
Honoring Cathedral members
Reader Mark & Elizabeth Bird
David & Charissa Martin
Jennifer Cross
Valerica Mantali
Barbara Heckman
and blessing our children and youth at the conclusion of the Church School year.
It was a day of heartfelt joy for all present!

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4.8-15.2012: Palm Sunday, Holy Week, & Pascha, 2012

Images from Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Pascha, 2012.

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3/12-14/12: Annual Church cleaning

Many people comment about the beauty and cleanliness of our Cathedral. In addition to regular daily maintenance, every year during Lent, we empty the Cathedral and do a major cleaning of the floors, walls, and both iconostases. Faithful members volunteer their time and "elbow grease" to help us with this major project, scraping wax from the floors, polishing brass hanging vigil lamps (over 50), accouterments, and candle stands, and doing whatever else is needed.

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3/5/12: Sunday of Orthodoxy Procession

Prior to the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy for the 1st Sunday of the Great and Holy Fast commemorating the restoration of icons in 843AD, the clergy together with the children of our Church School lead a Cross procession around the interior of the Church. Afterward a Prayer service for the Conversion of Those Who are in Error was served. Photos: Orinova and Mosashvili

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12/18/11: Craft Fair and Christmas pageant

Pictures from the Annual Nativity Pageant. Photos: Natia Mosashvili

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A few photos of our Spiritual Sounds event at the Bhakti Center, 12/7/11

Click here to view the Gallery The Cathedral is a member of this local community interfaith effort.

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10/02/11: Celebration our Patronal Feast continued.

On Sunday, October 2, we continued the weekend celebration of our matronal Feast of the Holy Protection of the Theotokos His Grace bishop Michale assisted by Cathedral Clergy and Visiting Archpriest US Army Colonel Peter A. Baktis celebrated the Divine Liturgy. Cathedral Deacon Dr. Patrick Baumgarth, Ph.D was awared the double-orarion in hnor of his 11 years of faithful serve as a Deacon. At the end of the Liturgy Gramottas were awarded to our Parish Council Starosta George and his wife, Taissa Elia, and our Assistant Starosta Gregory and his wife Maureen Galterio for over 20 years continuous service. A festive luncheon was prepared for all in attendance.

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10/01/11: Festal Divne Liturgy celebrating the Altar Feast of our Cathedral

A joyful celebration of love for the Mother of god and for the Cathedral dedicated to her holy protection took place here today. Our Father in Christ, Bishop Michael tonsured Paul Kachur a Reader, and Cristian Ganfalean a Sub-deacon for the Cathedral; and he gave a clergy award to Fr.Alexandre Ioukliaevskikh. Guest celebrant clergy were Archpriest Samuel Kadala, Dean of new Jersey; Archpriest Stephen Voytovich of Connecticut, Archpriest David Kossey from St. Mary's on E. 7th Street. At the end of the Liturgy, a Molieben and Akathist to the Holy Protection was chanted in the center of the Church, followed by the Commissioning of two Institutional Chaplains, Archpriest Stephen Voytovich and Priest Alexandre Ioukliaevskikh, who work in hospitals and Assisted Living facilities. A festive luncheon was served for the 100 people present. At the lunch, Julianna Mecera spoke about the Church in our lives, and how we can further extend the Kingdom of God in the world by simply telling the story of its impact on each of us. Glory to God! Most Holy Theotokos, save us!

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9/30/11: Festal Vigil of Holy Protection

Scenes from the Vigil Service for the Patronal Feast of our beloved Temple.

Photos: Mirela Dumitru

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Mary Gelement moved to Virginia

After more than 60 years in New York City, our faithful and dedicated member, Mary Gelement has moved to rural Virginia to be near to her daughter and grandchildren. Mary is a loved and well-known Cathedral parishioner, and has volunteered her service here in many capacities as a faithful steward of her time, talent and treasure. Born in Detroit MI, she moved to NYC as a young girl, and served as national Secretary of the Federated Russian Orthodox Clubs of America for many years, and a founding member of the Russian Orthodox Junior League here at the Cathedral. She audited our financial books, balanced the checkbook, arranged for the weekly delivery of baked goods and supplies for coffee hour, and made Russian food for many dinners and Festivals. After living in an apartment here for so long, she will now have her own house on an acre of land overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, and only a mile from her family. We will all miss her kindness and care, her joyful nature, and welcoming demeanor. May she enjoy the peace and quiet of rural VA for many years.

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Looking Back: September 11, 2001

Our pastor, Fr. Christopher accompanied His Beatitude Metropolitan Theodosius to the WTC, site of the NYC Terrorist Attacks where a memorial service was chanted.

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8/14/11: Vigil for the Dormition of the Theotokos

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7/31/11: Blessing of Water in anticipation of the feast of the Procession of the Holy Cross

On this summer Sunday, after the Holy Liturgy, Archimandrite Christopher, Priest Nilus Lerro, Archdeacon Michael, and server proceeded to the back of the temple to bless three large containers of water. Afterward the temple and faithful present were anointed with the water as they come to venerate the holy Cross. A luncheon followed prepared by Badri Mikadze.
Photos: Nato Kiknadze

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07/16/11: Secretary of State Hilary Clinton Visits the Ecumenical Patriarchate

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew at the Patriarchy in Istanbul, Saturday July 16, 2011. Hilary Clinton said Saturday that the United States was troubled by Turkeys arrests of dozens of journalists, calling the moves inconsistent with the economic and political progress the moderate Muslim nation has made. From www.theorthodoxchurch.info

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6/19/11: Photos and Inspiration from the Official CD Release!

The Official release of "A Day in the Year" CD took place at the Cathedral on Sunday, June 19, 2011. The Cathedral choir and parishioners are very grateful to our friend, neighbor and local community organizer Anthony Donovan, for giving us the impetus and inspiration to record this CD; and then taking it upon himself to personally record, edit and produce it.

The following are some comments from Anthony about his why he became involved and volunteered to help us.

Lets remember, I just recorded these voices.

The real gifts here are the decades, the many years of Ms. Cross, Ms. Breazu, Fr. Calin, Fr. Michael's profound dedication together... all the countless hours of pouring over notes, preparation and of their reciting, singing and singing.

Only the combination of such rich experience and intense focus could pull together so quickly (a matter of weeks) this truly monumental and substantial sacred work.

Here we just caught a moment, now static in time, but hopefully coming alive with each listen to remind us that this dynamic prayer is active each and every week, and continues to grow. Their worthy discipline of "practicing the presence" lending us example. How fortunate this congregation and community has been and remains.

As a neighbor, and non Russian Orthodox I have entered this sacred space of the the Cathedral, and been deeply touched and moved over the many years. Indeed it has helped me quietly heal and deeply commune with inspiration.

Last December when these four sang at an interfaith event for the wider community, dozens of people mentioned how rapt and truly sublime they were. One said, "They just sent all of us straight to heaven." Another, "If I could hear Angels singing, that's as close as I'll ever hear it."

Recently, when it was rather shockingly discovered that they have never recorded themselves, despite our treasuring the traits of humility and modesty, I was so honored and pleased that they succumbed to persuasion, to record for others, for our resource. Record not in the isolation and perfect individual control of a studio, but rather, as is, in their home, the Cathedral.

How fortunate we are that none take to resting on a completed work, but continue to constantly ready and think ahead for the next days vespers, service, another feast day, a wedding or funeral, carrying forward an ancient tradition in an ever renewing light.

May this work help us enter prayer, strengthen our hope, help us enjoy God's creativity, help us dissolve our fear, mourn, heal, and rejoice. May it awaken us again and again to the resources we have present in our lives, here, now. May it bring nothing but blessings to the Cathedral, those who lent their voice, and to all who listen."

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06/19/11: Two Birthdays

Elizabeth Wright and Tatiana Filimonova celebrated their birthdays.
Thanks Mirela Dumitru for the photos.

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Gallery 3: Pentecost Celebrations

A reception in honor of the great feast, Bishop Michael, Archimandrite Christopher and the newly-ordained Deacon David was served to all present with love by the Cathedral Parish Council and members.

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06/12/11: Pentecost Gallery Two: Ordination to Diaconate of David Chandler Poling

During the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy, Subdeacon David Chandler Poling, a second year student at St. Vladimir's Seminary and a vocation from the Cathedral parish was ordained to the holy Diaconate.

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06/12/11: Pentecost Gallery One: Elevation of Cathedral Dean to Archimandrite

Gallery One: The Elevation of Cathedral Dean, Father Christopher Calin to the rank and dignity of Archimandrite by His Grace Bishop Michael.

Photos: Petouhoff, Mosashvili and Dumitru

On Sunday, June 12, 2011, the Great Feast of Pentecost, Bishop Michael of New York was present and celebrated the Divine Liturgy together with, Cathedral Dean Igumen Christopher (Calin), Archpriest Michael Dudas, Cathedral Archdeacon Michael Suvak and Cathedral Deacon Patrick Baumgarth. Visiting Priest Nilus Lerro, Dean of Students from St. Tikhon's Seminary also concelebrated. Also present was Archpriest Chad Hatfield, Chancellor of St. Vladimir's Seminary and Priest David Mezynsky, Dean of Students at St. Vladimir's Seminary, and Archpriest David Kossey, Pastor of St. Mary's Orthodox Church in New York.

During the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy, Subdeacon David Chandler Poling, a second year student at St. Valdimir's Seminary and a vocation from the Cathedral parish was ordained to the holy Diaconate.

During the small entrance at the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy, His Grace, Bishop Michael raised Cathedral Dean, Igumen Christopher (Calin) to the rank and dignity of Archimandrite.

Immediately following the Divine Liturgy, the Kneeling Vespers of Pentecost was served. A reception in honor of the great feast, Bishop Michael, Archimandrite Christopher and the newly-ordained Deacon David was served to all present with love by the Cathedral Parish Council and members.

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05/25/11: Faith Leaders Forum



Rabbi Greg Wall, 6th Street Synagogue
Lama Pema Dorjee, Nachung Buddhist Center
Imam Abu Sufian, Medina Masjid Mosque
Ted Walker, Catholic Worker
Fr Joseph Gingrich, St Nicholas Carpatho-Russian Church
Yajna Parush das, Bakhti Center
Archdeacon Michael Suvak, Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection
Fr. David Kossey, St. Mary's American Orthodox Church
Fr Arthur Wendell. Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church
Rev Adrienne Thorne, Middle Collegiate Church

The panel of local clergy and religious leaders shared their spiritual journey and what spirituality means to them in their faith tradition. A Question and answer with the audience followed.

This group of local faith leaders, all practicing within a few blocks of each other, held its first official gathering in May of 2009 in New York Citys East Village. In a desire to know each other personally and to see where partnership might lead, the group has grown to support each other in real ways, has embraced its shared mission to serve the community, to celebrate its tremendous diversity, and to rejoice in the rich and historical traditions represented.

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04/23/11: Great & Holy Saturday at the Cathedral

Bishop Michael of New York celebrated FIRST PASCHA with Vesperal Divine liturgy of St. Basil with 15 Old Testament readings. Concelebrating were Cathedral Dean, Igumen Christopher Calin, Presbyter Nilus Lerro, Archdeacon Michael Suvak and Deacon Patrick Baumgarth. Following the Liturgy Pascal food was blessed in anticipation of the Feast throughout the afternoon.

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04/17/11: Feast of Palms Celebrated at the NY/NJ Diocesan Cathedral

On Sunday, April 17, 2011, His Grace Bishop Michael of New York, and Cathedral Dean Igumen Christopher, together with Archpriest Michael Dudas, Priest Nilus Lerro and Cathedral Archdeacon Michael Suvak con-celebrated the festal Divine Liturgy on the Feast of Our Lords Entrance into Jerusalem. Over 200 faithful were present with guest coming from as far away as London and Minsk. A festive luncheon followed the divine service.

The previous evening, the All Night Vigil for the Feast was celebrated during which palms, pussy willows and boxwood ("mza") were blessed for distribution to the faithful. Photos by Natia Mosashvili and Mirela Dumitru.

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04/10/11: Sacrament of Holy Unction (соборование) Celebrated

On Sunday, April 10, 2011, Igumen Christopher, Dean, together with visiting clergy Archpriest Joseph Wodill of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church (Whitestone), Archimandrite Gerasimos Makris of Ss. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral (Brooklyn), Hieromonk Atanasie Popescu of St. Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church (Sunnyside), retired Archpriest Michael Dudas and Cathedral Archdeacon Michael Suvak, concelebrated the Sacrament of Holy Unction. Faithful from the NYC metropolitan area were in attendance. A Lenten reception followed the service in the trapeza prepared by Cathedral members and friends.

Information about Holy Unction:

Christ came to the world to "bear the infirmities" of men. One of the signs of his divine messiahship was to heal the sick. The power of healing remains in the Church since Christ himself remains in the Church through the Holy Spirit.

The sacrament of the unction of the sick is the Church's specific prayer for healing. If the faith of the believers is strong enough, and if it is the will of God, there is every reason to believe that the Lord can heal those who are diseased.

Is any among you sick, let him call for the presbyters of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; and the prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed (Jas 5:14-16; see also Mk 6:13).

The sacrament of anointing is a "sobornal" sacrament in the traditional Orthodox practice. This means that as many of the faithful as possible are gathered to participate in the prayers. The rite itself calls for seven priests, seven readings from the epistles and gospels, seven prayers and seven anointings with oil specifically blessed for the service. Although it is not always possible to perform the sacrament in this way, the normal procedure is still to gather together as many priests and people as possible.

The express purpose of the sacrament of holy unction is healing and forgiveness. Since it is not always the will of God that there should be physical healing, the prayer of Christ that God's will be done always remains as the proper context of the sacrament. In addition, it is the clear intention of the sacrament that through the anointing of the sick body the sufferings of the person should be sanctified and united to the sufferings of Christ. In this way, the wounds of the flesh are consecrated, and strength is given that the suffering of the diseased person may not be unto the death of his soul, but for eternal salvation in the resurrection and life of the Kingdom of God.

It is indeed the case that death inevitably comes to man. All must die, even those who in this life are given a reprieve through healing in order to have more time on the earth. Thus, the healing of the sick is not itself a final goal, but is merely "instrumental" in that it is given by God as a sign of his mercy and as a grace for the further opportunity of man to live for him and for others in the life of this world.

In the case where a person is obviously in the final moments of his earthly life, the Church has special prayers for the "separation of soul and body." Thus, it is clear that the sacrament of holy unction is for the sick-both the physically and mentally sick-and is not reserved for the moment of death. The sacrament of unction is not the "last rites" as is sometimes thought; the ritual of the anointing itself in no way indicates that it should be administered merely in "extreme" cases. Holy unction is the sacrament of the spiritual, physical, and mental healing of a sick person whatever the nature or the gravity of the illness may be.
(taken from www.oca.org)

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04/07/11: A Lenten Sunday at the Catherdral

47 random photos from a Sunday Liturgy in Great Lent. Photographer: Nato Kiknadze

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03/13/11: Sunday of Orthodoxy

A Cross Procession with Icons and Molieben for the Conversion of those in Error was held at the end of the Holy Liturgy. Photos: Dumitru

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Archpriest John Behr, Dean of St. Vladimir's Seminary was our guest on Forgiveness Sunday.
He concelebrated at the the Holy Liturgy, and preached the homily.
After the Liturgy Fr. John led us on an examination of the Paschal sermon (an ancient haggadah) of St. Melito of Sardis, dating from the second century.
Christ's death on the Cross was thoroughly examined in its "types" found in the Scriptures. We understood that through the incarnation, the act of creation of mankind begun in Genesis was only completed ("It is finished") by the death of Christ on the cross. We find our life in our Death, which is our birth into the Kingdom. Because it was embraced by Christ, we too are called to embrace they mystery of our own death as birth into our new life in Christ.
After the talk an ice cream social was held with numerous artisan ice creams made by Jaana Hinkkanen.
The day ended with Forgiveness Vespers at 3PM.

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01/09/11: 50th Birthday of our Dean, Fr. Christopher Calin

On Sunday, January 9th, Cathedral Dean, Igumen Christopher Calin celebrated his 50th Birthday and Parishioners hosted a celebration in his honor.

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12/31/10: Christmas Celebrations and BLIZZARD, 2010

December 24-26, 2010

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12/19/10: Christmas Pageant, YELKA, 2010

Photos from Yelka, 2010 in no particular order.
Our children tell the story of the birth of our Lord.
Special thanks to their teachers Elizabeth Bird and Charissa Martin; and to Greg Galterio for musical accompaniment.

Afterward, a former student of the Church School, Kristina Normatova performed a set of jazz pieces from her recent cd.
For more and to hear her music, visit her site www.tinakristina.com

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12/07/10: Spiritual Sounds: East Village Interfaith Concert

December 7, 2010 Most Holy Redeemer Church, East 3rd Street SPIRITUAL SOUNDS
Gathering Anthony Donovan
Welcome to Most Holy Redeemer Church Rev Charles McDonald
Most Holy Redeemer Church Father Arthur Wendel
The Bhakti Center Yajna Purusa Das
Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection Archdeacon Michael
St. Marys American Orthodox Church Father David Kossey
Town and Village Synagogue Rabbi Larry Sebert
Sixth Street Community Synagogue Rabbi Greg Wall
Iglesia Alianza Cristiana y Misionera Music Dir. Sam Ruiz
The Catholic Worker Ted Walker
Middle Collegiate Church Rev. Adriene Thorne
Madina Masjid Mosque Imam Mohammad Rahman
St. Marks in the Bowery Rev. Winnie Varghese
The Nechung Foundation Lama Pema Dorje

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11/07/10 - Gallery II: Michael Robin Almendral's Photos - Myrrh-streaming Icon of the Virgin of Iveron

The miraculous Myrrh-streaming Icon of the Holy Theotokos of Iveron visited New York City. A small icon of the Madonna that exudes a very fragrant oil that smells of roses. Believers from the various Greek, Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Serbian Orthodox churches in the city flocked to the Holy Virgin Protection Orthodox Cathedral on the Lower East Side to venerate the Holy Mother of God and to be anointed with the holy oil by the Bishop. There have been numerous myrrh streaming icons around the world. It is one of the manifestations of the Divine in the Orthodox faith.

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11/07/10: Visit of the Wondrous Myrrh Streaming IVERON Icon of the Mother of God

On Friday, November 5, that Akathist before the wondrous Myrrh Streaming IVERON Icon of the Mother of God from Hawaii was served by His Grace Bishop Michael of New York together with the Cathedral Clergy. Guest clergy present were Archpriest Chancellor Joseph Lickwar of Jersey City, Archpriest Dean Fr. Wiaceszslaw Krawczuk of Brooklyn, Bishop-Elect of Chicago Archimandrite Matthaes (Moriak), and Priest Igor Kysniuk of Bayonne, NJ. Over 450 faithful from throughout the Metropolitan area gathered to pray before this wondrous icon, which exuded fragrant myrrh abundantly throughout the serve and afterward. We were all blessed and privileged to witness this rare spiritual phenomenon God's mercy and love for us. (PHOTOS: T. Hoff, M. Dumitru, N. Petouhoff, N. Kiknadze)

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10/22/2010 Akathist for Healing of Cancer before the Icon of the Mother of God QUEEN OF ALL

The Akathist before the Icon of the Mother of God, Healer of Cancer was served. The Service was lead by Bishop Michael of New York, Diocese of New York and New Jersey (OCA) and Bishop Jerome of Manhattan (Russian Church Abroad). The Service was sung by the Synodal Choir of the Cathedral of the Mother of God of the Sign (Russian Church Abroad) under the direction Peter Fekula. The music was composed by Robert Sirico, Reader of the Church of St. John Chrysostom (Shirley, NY) in memory of his wife Elizabeth who succumbed to cancer on Pascha, 2009. The service was held the week after the Avon Breast Cancer Walk as a cancer research fundraiser, to enhance cancer awareness, and to provide support to the afflicted and their families.

22 октября в соборе Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы (ПЦА) был отслужен акафист пред образом Пресвятой Богородицы "Всецарица". Молебное пение возглавили епископ Манхэттенский Иероним (РПЦЗ) и епископ Нью-Йорка и Нью-Джерси Михаил (ПЦА). За акафистом пел Синдальный хор Знаменского собора (РПЦЗ) под управлением Петра Фекулы. Автор музыки - регент храма св. Иоанна Злотоуста в Ширли (шт. Нью-Йорк), чтец, композитор Роберт Сирико. Музыкальное произведение написано в память его жены Елизаветы, скончавшейся от рака на Пасху 2009 года.

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09/14/10: GREAT FEAST of the Elevation of the HOLY CROSS

In cathedrals and monasteries, a special elevation or "Exaltation" is performed by the Bishop or Dean, standing in the center of the church holding the precious Cross and flanked by Servers with liturgical fans with representations of Cherubim. He takes the cross in his hands, and raises it above his head. The Deacon standing before him with incense offers petitions, to which the choir responds, chanting, "Lord, have mercy" 100 times. As they chant, he makes the sign of the cross with it three times, then slowly bows down to the ground, and stands up again raising the cross above his head as before. This process is repeated five times to the four points of the universe (compass) and then again facing East.

September 14, 2010     view slideshow


Photos: Fr. Christopher Calin. 09/11/10

September 11, 2010     view slideshow

09/04/10: A Double Baptism to Begin the Church New Year:
Grace Ann Celeste Gibbons & Barbare Batsiashvili

On September 4, two Baptisms were celebrated at the Cathedral
Daughter of Ivan Batsiashvili and Eka Abazadze
Daughter of James and Julianne Gibbons

September 6, 2010     view slideshow

8/21/10 A Baptism: Mariam Guadalupe Poling

Mariam Guadalupe Poling, daughter of SVS Seminarian Chandler David and Emilita Poling was baptized. Her godparents were Kristina Baktis and Seminarian Timothy Yates.

August 21, 2010     view slideshow

8/19/10 - A Baptism at the Feast of the Transfiguration: Life Transfigured

On August 5-6, when the Church celebrates the Great Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ, the catechumen Olga Lorelei Trammell, a graduate of Bard High School was Baptized, Chrismated and received Holy Communion. Her godparents are Jeffery and Tatiana Hoff. Also present were members of her family and friends from her graduating class. Olga Lorelei will attend Binghamton University in the Fall.

The feast of the Transfiguation is a icon of our calling to become by grace what God is by nature - to grow from glory to glory, to be the light of Christ in the world -- to lead a life transfigured by the Holy Spirit. On this day we also blessed grapes and first fruits ripened to perfection for use in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Photos: Luarsabishvili

August 19, 2010     view slideshow

June 27th - A Baptism, A Graduation and Blessing of Water

On Saturday June 26, Susan Schrocket, an adult convert from Judaism, was baptized and chrismated. On Sunday, June 27, she was churched and received her first Holy Communion.

On that same day we recognized Alexander Nicastro, a participant in our Church School program and faithful altar server, who graduated from the Frank Sinatra High School for the Performing Arts. He plans to attend LIU CW Post university in the Fall.

In anticipation of the feast of the Holy Preeminent Apostles Peter & Paul, the Lesser Blessing of Water was served and the church and faithful were anointed with the Agiama (blessed Water).

A celebratory lunch in honor of the newly baptized Susan Ruth, and her godmother Valerica Mantali who celebrated her birthday on the same day was offered.

Another joyous day at the Second Street Cathedral. When you miss a Sunday here, you miss a lot! (Photos by Ryan Basil Weldzius)

June 27, 2010     view slideshow

June 20th - Sunday School Recognition Awards and a Pankihida

The staff of our Church School were recognized for their support and dedication to early Christian education, and our children were given Certificates of Completion for the 2009-10 School Year. It is fitting that this important ministry of the Church be recognized. We are grateful to the teacher and parents for their efforts on behalf for our children in the Church.

June 20, 2010     view slideshow

May 30th - Sacramental Rite of Chrismation of Ryan Basil Weldzius

On All Saints Day (5/30/2010) between the 3rd and 6th hours before the Divine Liturgy, I, Ryan (Basil), was officially received into the Eastern Orthodox Church by Holy Chrismation, thus completing the first leg of my "odyssey." With my godparents Stephen and Jaana by my side and my with the support of my family and friends (a special thanks to my wonderful sister Sharon and her boyfriend Chris for celebrating this special occasion with me), Fr. Christopher recited the prayer of absolution asking God to forgive my transgressions and then anointed my forehead, eyes, nostrils, mouth, ears, chest, hands and feet with holy chrism, reciting each time, "The seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit." It is through the sacrament of Chrismation that a person becomes a member of the laos (the people of God). Bishop Kallistos Ware explains, "Through Chrismation every member of the Church becomes a prophet, and receives a share in the royal priesthood of Christ; all Christians alike, because they are chrismated, are called to act as conscious witnesses of the Truth. 'You have an anointing (chrisma) from the Holy One, and know all things' (John 2:20) (Ware, 279)." While I was filled with absolute joy after the sacramental rite, I didn't experience the full sensation of the "conversion" until the litany for catechumens, when I got chills knowing that I was finally a full member of the Church! I want to extend another special thanks to Sharon and Chris for coming to the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, to my godparents Stephen and Jaana for their continuing support and the beautiful Orthodox cross I'll always wear proudly, to Fr. Christopher, Fr. Nilus, and Dn. Michael for their spiritual guidance, Andrew for the beautiful Orthodox cross I now have in my icon corner, Saasha and Polly for the wonderful handmade cards, and Alexandra for running to church to make the ceremony (great effort, Prefontaine!). Love you all! Ryan Basil Weldzius

May 30, 2010     view slideshow

May 9th - The Enthronement of Bishop Michael of New York

On Sunday, May 9, the 6th Sunday of Pascha and the feastday of Ss. Christopher, Aquilina and Callinica, His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah installed the newly consecrated Bishop Michael (Dahulich) as the Bishop of New York.

May 9, 2010     view slideshow

Pascha Gallery, 2010 2.0

Pictures from the Paschal Vigil and Trapeza by Tatiana & Jeff Hoff

April 10, 2010     view slideshow

Egg Hunt, April 4, 2010

After Paschal Vespers we held our annual Easter egg hunt directly across from the Cathedral at the NYC Marble Cemetery. it was a beautiful and warm day and we delighted to be with our children and each other among the blooms of magnolia, forsythia, daffodils and tulips! Pictures: Ganfalean

April 10, 2010     view slideshow

PASCHA, 2010 Parishioner Submitted Pictures

We invite pictures submissions to be posted in this Gallery
SEND US the pictures YOU took here on Pascha night!

April 4, 2010     view slideshow

Exquisite Hand-Embroidered Liturgical Veil (aer) Donated to the Cathedral.

Cathedral members Carlos and Elena Coloma recently donated a hand-embroidered liturgical "aer" for use during the Divine Liturgy. The piece, hand-made by a artisan Nun in Romania, is a copy of an aer made for Nestor & Mitrofana Ureche, founders of the Secu Monastery in the late 17th century, and now kept in the museum of Sihastria Monastery in Moldova, Romania. This precious item is used liturgically to veil the bread and wine at the Service of Preparation of the Holy Gifts (Proskomedia) and at the Offertory. It will also be used as a winding sheet (embroidered icon of our Lord's entombment, also known as the plaschanitsa or epitafios) on the Holy Altar Table from Pascha until Ascension of the Lord.
We thank Elena and Carlos for their generosity and love for the Cathedral!

March 29, 2010     view slideshow

Palm Sunday Preparation

Decorating the Cathedral for Palm Sunday were Archdeacon Michael, Nato Kiknadze, Gio Lourasabishvili, Constantin & Alexandra Ursache, Jeff & Tati Hoff, and others... THANK YOU

March 29, 2010     view slideshow

Benefit Concert for IOCC Haitian Relief

Premier performance of The Crucifixion Passion Cantata by Robert Sirico by a select vocal ensemble under the direction of Nicholas Reeves. This event was partially underwritten by a grant from the Helena Rubenstein Foundation, Dr. Robet Ritch and Members of the Cathedral to help the suffering people of Haiti. Photos by Cristian Ganfalean.

March 20, 2010     view slideshow

1st Sunday of the Great Fast - Orthodoxy Sunday

A wonderful day which included an impromptu visit from Metropolitan Jonah and Fr. Gregory, our annual Procession of Icons, and an exhibition of new artwork in our Gallery.

February 21, 2010     view slideshow

Cathedral Gallery Exhibition: Cindy Chardiet, Works in Oil

An exhibition of works in oil by Cathedral parishioner and fine artist Cindy Chardiet opened on February 20 and ran until March 21, 2010.

February 20, 2010     view slideshow

Loving Lent: A Parish Retreat Day

Our Cathedral community celebrated the Beginning of the Great Fast with a day-long retreat on Sunday, February 14, 2010. After Divine Liturgy attended by more than 175 people, a very special luncheon (maslanitsa) was served including homemade crepes (blini), dumplings (piroghi) and other delicacies.

February 14, 2010     view slideshow

Christmas Pageant (Yolka)

Despite an overnight blizzard that dumped a foot of snow on the city, 112 people made it to Liturgy, and afterward the children of our Church School performed a Christmas pageant. It was another wonderful day at the Second Street Cathedral!

December 20, 2009     view slideshow

Images from Our Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair

We are grateful to all who contributed time, talent and treasure to make this Fair a success! We hope more members will participate next year!

November 15, 2009     view slideshow

Vesting of Fr. Nilus Lerro

On September 28, 2009 Metropolitan Jonah vested Nilus Lerro as a Priest. Fr. Nilus, formerly a Jesuit for over 30 years was received into the Church in 2006, and was a faithful member of the Cathedral until he was called to St. Tikhon's Seminary where he now serves as Dean of Student Affairs.

September 27, 2009     view slideshow

Adult Baptisms

Mariam Chafira McMillan and Sean Rio Sooknanan were baptized and chrismated. Mariam, whose heavenly patron is the the Theotokos, lives in Manhattan and has an infant daughter, Nino. Her sponsor was Simona Breazu. Sean, whose heavenly patron is St John the Baptist, lives in Brooklyn and is engaged to be married to Julia Resseque. His sponsors were Peter Nikichin and Cristian Ganfalean.

August 22, 2009     view slideshow

Scenes from the Salt Shoot

May 22, 2009     view slideshow

Pascha, 2009.

Please send us your photos for inclusion.

April 19, 2009     view slideshow

Immanuel Schools Youth Choir sings for NYC Deanery Clergy

After the Presanctified Liturgy served by NYC Dean, Archpriest Wiacheslaw Krawczuk, the Choir of Immanuel School in Reedley, CA sang a selection of sacred hymns. It was a delight to hear these young people sing under the direction of Rick Robbins.

April 3, 2009     view slideshow

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Cathedral

Photos Credits:
Julie Solomon, 2009
April Pierce, 2010
Armin Ruiz-Madera, 2010 Cristian Ganfalean, 2010 Tatiana Hoff, 2010

February 20, 2009     view slideshow

Sunday of the Ancestors of Christ

The first archpastoral visit of His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah.

December 21, 2008     view slideshow

Parish Feast Day, October 1, 2008, Protection of the Holy Virgin

October 1, 2008     view slideshow

Holy Pascha 2008

April 27, 2008     view slideshow

Holy Friday Matins with Street Procession 2008

April 25, 2008     view slideshow

Great and Holy Thursday Matins 2008

April 24, 2008     view slideshow

Sunday of Orthodoxy, 2008

Our Children participate in the Celebration. Photos by Maia.

March 16, 2008     view slideshow

Nativity Pageant Yolka 2007

December 23, 2007     view slideshow

Funeral Services for Archbishop Peter (LHuillier), former Rector of the Cathedral

His Beatitude Metropolitan Herman, presiding
His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit/Romanian Episcopate
His Eminence Archbishop Seraphim of Ottawa and Canada
His Grace Bishop Nikon of Boston/Albanian Archdiocese
His Grace Bishop Tikhon of Philadelphia & Eastern Pennsylvania
The Clergy of New York & New Jersey and visiting clergy and hierarchs
The Choir of St. Vladimirs Seminary
The Cathedral Choir
For more images visit www.oca.org and look for pictures from November 2007

November 28, 2007     view slideshow

10/01/17: Patronal Feast and Dedication of Mosiac Marquee

Late summer, early Autumn, 2016.

Multicultural Day/Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2015.

Palm Sunday to Bright Monday -- some highlights.

11/09/14: Unveiing a Portrait of Cathedral Archdeacon Michael Suvak

6/15/14 Seasons of Faith: A Playlet in Four Acts

Palm Sunday Celebration, 2014

4/5/14: Kids Music Day

01/12/14: Visit of Sister Vassa (Larin) Updated: 01/20

01/05/14: Great Feast of Theophany

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