Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection: Table of Feasts
2nd Street Cathedral
59 East Second Street
(Between First & Second Avenue)
New York, NY 10003
212-677-4664 tvrfcndc@gmail.com

Table of Feasts

Theophany Fri Jan 6Sat Jan 6Mon Jan 6Tue Jan 6Wed Jan 6Thu Jan 6
Meeting of the Lord Thu Feb 2Fri Feb 2Sun Feb 2Mon Feb 2Tue Feb 2Wed Feb 2
Publican and Pharisee Sun Feb 5Sun Feb 25Sun Feb 9Sun Feb 1Sun Feb 21Sun Feb 6
Beginning of Lent Mon Feb 27Mon Mar 18Mon Mar 3Mon Feb 23Mon Mar 15Mon Feb 28
Annunciation Sat Mar 25Mon Mar 25Tue Mar 25Wed Mar 25Thu Mar 25Sat Mar 25
Palm Sunday Sun Apr 9Sun Apr 28Sun Apr 13Sun Apr 5Sun Apr 25Sun Apr 9
HOLY PASCHA Sun Apr 16Sun May 5Sun Apr 20Sun Apr 12Sun May 2Sun Apr 16
Ascension Thu May 25Thu Jun 13Thu May 29Thu May 21Thu Jun 10Thu May 25
Pentecost Sun Jun 4Sun Jun 23Sun Jun 8Sun May 31Sun Jun 20Sun Jun 4
Apostles Fast Mon Jun 12n/aMon Jun 16Mon Jun 8Mon Jun 28Mon Jun 12
Peter and Paul Thu Jun 29Sat Jun 29Sun Jun 29Mon Jun 29Tue Jun 29Thu Jun 29
Dormition Fast Tue Aug 1Thu Aug 1Fri Aug 1Sat Aug 1Sun Aug 1Tue Aug 1
Transfiguration Sun Aug 6Tue Aug 6Wed Aug 6Thu Aug 6Fri Aug 6Sun Aug 6
Dormition Tue Aug 15Thu Aug 15Fri Aug 15Sat Aug 15Sun Aug 15Tue Aug 15
Nativity of Theotokos Fri Sep 8Sun Sep 8Mon Sep 8Tue Sep 8Wed Sep 8Fri Sep 8
Elevation of Cross Thu Sep 14Sat Sep 14Sun Sep 14Mon Sep 14Tue Sep 14Thu Sep 14
Protection of the Theotokos Sun Oct 1Tue Oct 1Wed Oct 1Thu Oct 1Fri Oct 1Sun Oct 1
Nativity Fast Wed Nov 15Fri Nov 15Sat Nov 15Sun Nov 15Mon Nov 15Wed Nov 15
Entry of Theotokos Tue Nov 21Thu Nov 21Fri Nov 21Sat Nov 21Sun Nov 21Tue Nov 21
Nativity of Our Lord Mon Dec 25Wed Dec 25Thu Dec 25Fri Dec 25Sat Dec 25Mon Dec 25
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